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Strategic Advisement
As both allies and practitioners, we’re honored to be connected to the most creative ideas, communities and individuals enlivening the contemporary feminist and social change worlds. Through our strategic advisement, we serve as bridge-builders by connecting communities who should know about each other, and translators for those trying to understand or incorporate a new perspective or community into their work.

Conference Curation & Coaching
We know what it takes to create a gathering that will produce catalytic conversations and actions. Through our broad network of a new generation of movers, shakers and thinkers, and experience working with some of the most impactful and inventive gatherings in the world through TED, this is some of our favorite and most honored work.

We also work with speakers to craft speeches and talks that are fresh, crystal clear, story-rich and memorable. Our ultimate goal is to coach them toward the most authentic and compelling delivery possible, support them throughout the process, and to celebrate the heck out of them.

Social Media Strategies
It’s no news that social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and blogs have become some of the most powerful tools to influence the online public. We can build your social media presence from the ground-up or develop innovative campaigns to help best utilize your already existing base, taking a step further beyond the standard numbers-building strategies to create online campaigns that make a real impact.

Online Outreach
Effective online outreach means so much more than blasting out a flashy press release. Valenti Martin assists clients through targeted outreach, online media relations and relationship-building with key influencers in the relevant spaces covering your issues.

Branding & Messaging
Through branding and messaging strategies, we guide organizations to find their online message and voice. The internet has transformed the way we communicate and share information, and our goal is to help clients develop authentic messaging that translates both off and on the web. Drawing on their extensive experience as influencers in the feminist movement, Valenti Martin also works with clients to incorporate feminist values into their branding and messaging efforts.

Online Monitoring & Blog Curation
Online tracking and monitoring is an overwhelmingly popular tool clients use to keep up with the immediacy of the internet, stay relevant to online conversations impacting your issues, and know who is talking about your organization or company. With years of experience under our belts, we can develop monitoring reports which track online news and analysis that is personally customized for your organization or company.

Trainings and Workshops 

We can provide social media trainings, blog development and online writing workshops for clients seeking to educate their team on how to maximize their online presence.

Blog and Website Development
Bringing in our base of experienced associates in the field, we work with clients to revamp design concept and feel for your website and/or blog, shaping your offline identity into a more forward-thinking (and looking) online vision.

P.S. We also throw dance parties.

What we do

Our favorite work bridges online and offline worlds, getting tweeps a tweeting, but also boots on the ground, and resources directed where they’re needed most.


"Valenti Martin Media was a tremendous help in our efforts to create authentic relationships with writers and bloggers in the online world. Thanks to their advice and outreach, our work is more visible to these networks, and we have a deeper understanding of how to effectively engage with online writers. "

- Nanette Braun, Chief of Communications and Advocacy,
UN Women

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